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Our Experts Answering Your Questions about Upholstery Cleaning

The DC Carpet Cleaning professionals have decided to answer some of the questions they frequently have been asked regarding upholstery cleaning services. We hope you'll find this information helpful.

What is your preferred method for cleaning?

Upholstery steam cleaning is our most requested upholstery cleaning method. The heat not only helps remove ground in dirt from the fabric, but kills dust mites and germs. Steam cleaning makes your sofa be as clean as it looks.

When you need to choose an upholstery steam cleaning service, look for the experts who specialize in making your whole home cleaner and healthier. Our upholstery steam cleaning service does an excellent job on most types of upholstery fabrics, lifting away stains as if by magic!

Does steam cleaning used for car upholstery?

The same great upholstery cleaning that we use on your sofa can also clean your car's interior! Car upholstery steam cleaning is a fast and effective way to remove stains and odors from the seats of your car.

Can you remove the stains out of my sofa?

When it comes to stain removal, no one is better than our technicians. They know how to clean sofa stains, carpet stains, and rug stains, and they match the cleaning method perfectly to the type of stain and fiber type for great results.


Do you provide leather cleaning?

Leather cleaning can get some stains out of a leather couch. Our leather cleaning technicians have years of experience under their belts and will give you an idea, before they start, if they will be able to remove the stains.

What can I do with a smelly and stained mattress?

For smelly, stained mattresses, don't throw them away. Professional mattress cleaning will rejuvenate your mattress, removing dust, allergens, unsightly stains, and odors.

What is your opinion on DIY products?

Unless you have done it before, we do not recommend you try do it yourself upholstery cleaning. Our professional technicians have the experience to do the job right, the first time, and the professional grade equipment to do the job well.

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