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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Tips

Every homeowner living in Washington, DC that has a hardwood floor installed in his property must read our wood floor cleaning tips, so he will have all the knowledge he needs to give his hardwood floor the best treatment and extend its life span. We have gathered some of our customer's questions and answered them for you.

How to clean wood floors?

Wood floors can get ruined if they get wet. It is important to know how to clean wood floors the right way. First of all, make sure to sweep regularly, to remove any solid particles that could scratch the finish of the hardwood. Then, damp mop the floor. The mopping cloth should be merely damp, not wet or dripping. For deep cleaning and to restore the finish, be sure to call the professionals.

Wood floor refinishing without sanding

Wood floors can last a really long time, but every time they are sanded you lose a little bit of their life span. That's why we are proud to offer wood floor refinishing without sanding. This allows us to restore the finish on the floor, without having to make the wooden boards thinner.

Refinishing hardwood floor options

There are two main options for refinishing hardwood floors. In the first option, the hardwood floor technician will deep clean the floor, and prepare the surface for a new layer of finish to be applied. The second hardwood floor refinishing option uses sanding equipment to completely remove the previous finish, after which at least two layers of a new polyurethane finish are carefully applied.


How much does it cost to refinish a hardwood floor?

The cost of refinishing a hardwood floor is usually based on the number of square feet. We do not give estimates for hardwood over the phone because there are too many variables. It is better to have our technician come to your site for a free inspection and estimate appointment.

What does refinishing hardwood floors mean?

What does "refinishing hardwood floors" mean? A wood floor's finish is a thin layer of clear polyurethane or other substance that adds shine to the floor and enhances the appearance of the wood. The finish also protects the wood from damage. Refinishing hardwood floors means to add a new coat of finish to the floor, so that the floor will last for a long time in good condition.

How long does it take to sand and finish hardwood floors?

A full sanding and refinishing job may take a few days, depending on the number of coats of finish are required. Each coat of finish must dry before the next one can be applied, and this can take a few hours.

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