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About Us

UCM Carpet Cleaning of DC has developed from a small neighborhood cleaning establishment to one of the city's market leaders, serving customers in the residential, commercial, and industrial domains.

We offer a variety of home and office cleaning services like:

UCM Carpet Cleaning of DC makes every effort to flush out and remove the most deeply ingrained dirt and the most stubborn stains and odors with the greatest care for the safety of your investment and consideration for your home or business environment.

Our goal is your complete satisfaction!

We aim to impress, and we have the tools and knowledge to make sure you're happy. We use state of the art equipment, the most advanced technology and cleaning agents, technicians with the necessary skills and training to customize cleaning for any type of carpet or upholstery fabric, and the most affordable prices. Those elements come together to support our expert cleaning services.

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Residential Cleaning Services

Our residential services include wall-to-wall carpet cleaning, area rug including delicate antique and special rug (Persian and hand-made rugs etc.) cleaning, upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning, mattress cleaning, wooden floor cleaning and repairs, window treatments, water and flood damage treatment, and other periodic maintenance cleaning services.

We also make sure our cleaning is safe for our clients by prioritizing the use of biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning agents. We leave you carpets, rugs, and upholstery that are clean, fresh, and looking new, with a delicate, pleasant fragrance.


Commercial Cleaning Services

Our commercial and office cleaning services are just the thing to spruce up your business.

The reputation of a company is not solely determined by its products or services. A well-maintained workspace speaks to a company's commitment to excellence and respect for its employees, clients, and the environment, enhancing its reputation.

At UCM Carpet Cleaning of DC, we understand the significance of a clean and healthy workspace. It enhances employee morale and productivity. A clean office or business premises also generates a positive impression of your company, contributing to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Count on us to ensure your company's reputation. As your dedicated partner, we guarantee top-quality carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning services to keep your premises in top condition. Our experienced professionals are committed to your satisfaction.


Why You Can Depend on Our Services

We have been providing cleaning services for over 20 years, during which time we have developed a deep understanding of the unique cleaning needs of DC customers.

Here are the top reasons why you can count on us:

  1. We utilize green cleaning solutions. Using non-toxic detergents ensures that your surroundings and the environment remain safe and healthy.
  2. Our customer service is outstanding. We always try to make your experience with us as seamless and satisfactory as possible.
  3. We offer easy over-the-phone estimates to save your time. Our techs provide the final price during the on-site visit.
  4. We offer deals and coupons to our valued customers. Our high-quality cleaning services are affordable without compromising results.
  5. We have only trained professionals on our team. They are experts in delivering top-notch cleaning services.
  6. Our cleaning methods are tested and proven over time to yield the best results every time.
  7. We update our equipment frequently to ensure efficient and effective cleaning.
  8. We offer flexible appointment times, so you can schedule cleaning at the best time for you.

We are proud to provide the best cleaning solution that suits your needs and schedule. Give us a call now!

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