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Frequently Asked Questions

The UCM Carpet Cleaning of DC professionals provide answers for some of the questions they frequently have been asked regarding carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning services. We hope you'll find this information helpful.

Carpet Questions

How do I keep my carpet looking beautiful?

Dust particles break down the fibers in your carpet, so besides regular vacuuming to remove extra dust and dirt before it can cause damage, we recommend professional carpet cleaning to remove all the dust, mites and allergens that your vacuuming can't. This will keep your carpet looking great for years to come.

How often should I schedule professional cleaning services for my carpet and furniture?

In general, we recommend carpet steam cleaning every six to twelve months. This works excellently for carpet and furniture cleaning.

My carpet got wet, and now it reeks! How can I get rid of the smell?

Call UCM Carpet Cleaning of DC immediately. Your carpet needs to be dried out and deodorized NOW to prevent the growth of dangerous mold and mildew (and to get rid of that smell, too). We offer 24/7 same day service to treat such flood related emergencies.

How do I remove ugly stains and blotches from my carpet?

You can find many DIY instructions online, but we caution you - you don't know what will work correctly with your carpet or rug, and you risk damaging them. Our team is well-versed in carpet stain removal tricks and techniques, and we can let you know in advance if we can't treat a specific stain.

Upholstery Questions

What is your preferred method for furniture cleaning?

Upholstery steam cleaning is our most requested sofa cleaning method. The heat not only helps remove ground in dirt from the fabric, but kills dust mites and germs. Sofa steam cleaning makes your furniture look great and be really clean.

When you need to choose an upholstery steam cleaning service, look for the experts who specialize in making your whole home cleaner and healthier. Our upholstery steam cleaning service does an excellent job on most types of upholstery fabrics, lifting away stains as if by magic!

Is steam cleaning used for car upholstery?

The same great upholstery cleaning that we use on your sofa can also clean your car's interior! Car upholstery steam cleaning is a fast and effective way to remove stains and odors from the seats of your car.

Can you remove the stains from my sofa?

When it comes to stain removal and carpet and furniture cleaning, no one is better than our technicians. They know how to clean sofa stains, carpet stains, and rug stains, and they match the cleaning method perfectly to the type of stain and fiber type for great results.

Do you provide leather cleaning?

Leather cleaning can get some stains out of a leather couch. Our leather cleaning technicians have years of experience under their belts and will give you an idea, before they start, if they will be able to remove the stains.

What is your opinion on DIY products?

Unless you have done it before, we do not recommend you try do-it-yourself upholstery cleaning. Our professional technicians have the experience to do the job right, the first time, and the professional grade equipment to do the job well. What's more, we know about upholstery deep cleaning, an intensive cleaning that brings out the very best in your furniture.

Mattress Questions

What can I do with a smelly and stained mattress?

For your smelly, stained mattresses, don't throw them away. Professional mattress cleaning will rejuvenate your mattress, removing dust, allergens, unsightly stains, and odors. Our experts don't recommend buying used mattresses with the intention of cleaning them, unless you can be very sure what they've been exposed to.

Which is better for a mattress - deep cleaning or steam cleaning?

This will depend on the fabric of the mattress and the pollutants as well - whether you will use deep cleaning or steam cleaning, but dirt and dust will be cleaned away.

Rug Questions

Can I bring my rug to you for cleaning?

We can do you one better - we offer free pickup and delivery for oriental and Persian carpet cleaning at our workshop. We will come to your home to collect the rug, and bring it back to you when it is dusted, washed, dried, and groomed. In our experience though, many rugs can be cleaned at your location as long as we can move it to a water-resistant surface for cleaning (not on hardwood!). Many customers find this to be the most convenient option for their needs.

My dog just urinated on my beautiful and expensive Persian rug. I can't live with the smell, but I am afraid I'll damage it if I try to clean it by myself. Can you help me?

You're right! Incorrect treatment often causes permanent damage to an expensive rug. Tricky problems like this require expert solutions, and we specialize in pet stain removal as part of our Persian rug cleaning service, in a way that is non-toxic and pet friendly. We recommend cleaning at our workshop so that your rug will receive the best care possible, and we now offer free pickup and delivery!

Mold Related Questions

What are mold sickness symptoms?

Mold sickness is a real thing, and its symptoms are no laughing matter. If you think you might be sick from mold, the best thing to do is see a doctor ASAP. However, there are some telltale signs that you might be suffering from mold sickness. For example, many people report feeling fatigued and lethargic, even after getting a full night's sleep. Other common symptoms include headaches, difficulty concentrating, and problems with memory. Mold can also cause respiratory problems, so if you've been coughing or wheezing more than usual, it could be a sign that you're sick from mold.

Are mold and mildew the same thing?

Most people think mold and mildew are the same thing. After all, they're both fuzzy and usually found in damp places. But mold and mildew are two different things. Mold grows in moist surrounding areas and can cause health problems, so it's important to know how to identify them. Mildew, on the other hand, is a powdery fungus that tends to grow on surfaces that are not regularly cleaned or ventilated; often found on fabrics, clothes, food. If you suspect you have mold spores, it's best to call mold testing experts at UCM Carpet Cleaning of DC. They will be able to test for mold and make sure your house is safe.

Can mold cause headaches?

If you're noticing more headaches recently - maybe it is time for a mold inspection. That's right - mold can cause headaches, among other health problems.

Headaches are a common symptom of mold affect, as are fatigue, congestion, and difficulty concentrating. If you suspect mold might be to blame for your headaches, it's important to have your property inspected by a mold professional.

How do I clean up mold?

Mold can grow both outdoors and indoors. Mold is often found in dark areas such as basements, roofs, bathrooms, and kitchens. Mold is difficult to remove once it has taken hold. Even with the best mold removal products, mold will often return within a few days or weeks. The best way to prevent mold spots growth is to keep your home dry. If you find mold growing in your home, call a mold remediation expert immediately to treat the mold and prevent it from returning.

Can mold return after mold removal?

Mold may come back if the conditions that allowed it to grow in the first place are not addressed. To prevent mold from returning, make sure to keep your home clean, fix any leaks promptly, and ventilate damp areas. By taking these precautions and getting mold inspections when you have concerns about mold, you can address any mold rapidly to help keep your home mold-free.

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