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Tips For Your Water Damage Insurance Claim

When you discover water damage, call your insurance company to check if it is covered under your insurance policy. That will make sure that the claims process will also begin as soon as possible. Water damage restoration can be simple or complex, no need to mention it could be expensive, that is why it's important to check with your insurance company first to see if you covered before you start scheduling with water damage restoration companies. FIY, we are happy to provide a free inspection and estimate.

Your insurance company will require you to take certain steps to prevent further damage as soon as you can, so make sure that you start the water cleanup ASAP. It's definitely not a good idea to count on the insurance adjuster coming out the same day or even in the next few days, so the insurance company will expect you to get started pretty immediately. Getting out the water and starting the drying process will help prevent mold from growing, for one thing. Just don't start permanent repairs until after the adjuster comes.


Before you file your water damage insurance claim, list all the property that was damaged by the leak or the flood or the rain. A good list will include the purchase date and original price as well, so your insurance adjuster will be able to determine the current value of your damaged property. Take lots of pictures, too, so that you have a record of what the original damage looked like.

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