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Estate Cleaning

UCM Carpet Cleaning of DC - Estate Cleaning services is your one-stop shop for all kinds of cleaning you may have in mind. Whether you are planning to sell your house or moving into a new one, we have all the right equipment and personnel to make sure all goes well.

Statistics available from research shows that a well cleaned house and its surrounding adds more value to the rent or sales price during negotiation. At UCM Carpet Cleaning of DC, we make sure to go through every single square inch of your house, fix what should be fixed, thoroughly clean every single spot, and make the house look pristinely new again.

Our Estate Cleaning Service Include

  • Removal of all kinds of solid and bio waste.
  • Clearing of all unwanted or damaged electrical gadgets, furniture, window, doors, and clothing items.
  • Litter and leaves picking around the estate on a regular basis leaving the area looking tidy and habitable.
  • Graffiti removal from walls and other places. We understand the psychological effects of racist and offensive graffiti to the human mind and make sure to remove any of such immediately.
  • Pipe and drain clearance are done at the shortest notice. We are always on standby to help clean and unblock kitchen and sewage pipes, as well as blocked or dirty drains.
  • We also clean windows, glass doors, and make sure the drapes and blinds are in perfect conditions.
  • Yard work and landscaping are also a major priority because we know that first impression matters.
  • Painting and caulking are also some of our specialties; helping to maintain the beauty of the house.
  • Carpet and wood floor are cleaned with the highest sense of responsibility; we also offer tile and grout cleaning too.
  • Our roof repair specialists are some of the very best you could ever ask for.
  • Mold testing process is not only an important part in determining the safety and well-being, but also provides valuable information regarding the home's structure.

Call UCM Carpet Cleaning of DC at or today and let us help you manage your estate at very affordable prices!

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