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Office Carpet Cleaning - Why, How, When and Who

If your office has carpets in it, you should check when the last time the carpets got cleaned was. Not only because of health issues, but also for many other reasons. To make things simpler, let's agree on one thing - you need your office carpets cleaned. When? How? By who? The answers are right here.

Why should you get your carpets cleaned?

There are several factors to take into consideration when thinking on why to clean your office carpets. The main reasons are health and appearance, but there are several more effects which are sometimes ignored.

Here are several things to examine if you need the carpet cleaning:

Employees' health - carpet act like air filters, and they accumulate a whole lot of dirt, dust and other airborne substances. Unclean carpets can increase sickness ratios in a workplace, and increase allergies. Not only for the employees, but also for occasional customers.

It's not just the respiratory diseases that may be caused by an unhealthy environment, it's also the allergies that may create an issue for the workers. The running nose and occasional sneeze certainly affect concentration, not to mention deterring clients and other employees.

Appearance - This is one of the main reasons for any carpet cleaning, residential or commercial. The looks of the carpets is important, and the occasional coffee spill or even just wet shoes tend to leave their mark on the carpet over time. Whether it's your home or your office, nobody wants to enter a dump, and especially not work in one. In addition, when the workplace is spotless, employees tend to perform better, since they pride themselves in a better looking work environment. Even Science has backed this up, in several researches about the connection between employees' productivity and how it's influenced by workplace cleanliness.

Carpet life span and maintenance - even if you have your carpets vacuumed every day, vacuuming does not take care of stains or deep soiling of the carpets. Soil and dirt tend to enter deep into the fibers of the carpet, creating a hidden layer of possibly hazardous substances, hidden from your eyes.

The heavy soiling and wear & tear over time can be lowered by periodical carpet cleaning. Getting rid of dirt and soil will decrease abrasion of the fibers, improve the carpets life span, and make it look better for a longer period.

When should you clean your office carpets?

A rule of thumb is around once a year. However, this ranges dramatically depending on the amount of traffic in your office as well as the current condition of the carpet. In high traffic areas, professional carpet cleaning should be done at least once every 4-6 months, or even once a month if there is really a lot of traffic on your carpets.

In addition, if you have had pets, water leaks or other damages to your carpets (like the coffee stains we mentioned earlier), you should get your carpets cleaned soon. The more you wait the more the substances sink into your carpets, making them harder to clean, and eventually costing more to clean thoroughly. Not sure how long should it be between cleanings? Ask a carpet cleaning professional who'll be able to use their experience and knowledge and give advice on this matter.

Carpet Cleaning Service

How should you get your carpets cleaned?

The simple answer is - by a carpet cleaning professional, equipped with the right machines and knowledge to make your carpets look best. The longer answer is that you should do some research. You need to find a professional carpet cleaner that has both the knowledge and experience to treat your carpets.

Moreover, you need to find a company that also has the equipment to clean your carpets and deal with volume cleaning. You don't want someone coming in with an incapable machine cleaning only 30 feet at a time because their machine can't handle more.

Who should clean your office carpets?

That's an important question. There are three main cleaning services for offices - Janitorial services, cleaning services and professional carpet cleaning services. Though they may sound similar, they are different. Janitorial cleaning and cleaning services will do your daily cleaning. Empty trash cans, clean some dust, vacuum carpets and maybe a few more small tasks. However, janitorial cleaning is not capable of properly handling a more in-depth cleaning of carpets.

Like we said previously, it's important to get a knowledgeable and experienced carpet cleaning company, whose experts know how to treat each carpet type, as well as provide advice for the best treatment for your specific carpets and their condition. When you hire someone to do a job, make sure it's what they know how to do best. You wouldn't hire an electrician to do a plumber's job, so why hire a janitorial service to professionally clean your office carpets?

What to do next?

Well, start researching. Check for carpet cleaning services in Washington, DC area, find a reputable service provider to take care of your office carpets, and get the carpets cleaned properly. It's not just a cleanliness thing, it's also for worker's morale, productivity and a generally good vibe for anyone who visits your offices. Don't want to research? Call UCM Carpet Cleaning of DC. We know our carpet cleaning, and we offer professional technicians throughout the Washington DC metroplex for over a decade.

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