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UCM Carpet Cleaning of DC in Montgomery County, Maryland

With work, family and the day to day running of your home, does it seem that there is never enough time for those big cleaning jobs?

UCM Carpet Cleaning of DC can help you make the most of your free time. We offer residential and commercial cleaning services throughout Montgomery County, MD.

At Your Convenience

We offer professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services in the Maryland-DC suburbs, with a loyal customer base around Potomac, Silver Spring, and Rockville. We are locally-based to get to you on time, with professional grade equipment and experienced, courteous technicians to make sure that we'll give you the best, most efficient cleaning job in the business.

UCM Carpet Cleaning of DC is open seven days a week, every day of the year, so that it is easy to find a time that will work with your schedule. We also have emergency water removal service 24-hours a day. Just call our emergency hotline 202-683-4270.

Why Professional Cleaning?

There are many benefits to choosing professional cleaning by UCM Carpet Cleaning of DC.

Professional cleaning offers good value for your money. Our technicians bring years of experience and skill to every job, as well as the right supplies and equipment. There is no guesswork, so you get consistent, quality results.

Our truck mount steam cleaning equipment sets up quickly at your location and cleans more efficiently than portable equipment. Portable carpet cleaners take longer to clean partly because of the need to dispose of the waste water and add fresh rinsing solution again and again during the job. Truck mounts mean less mess in your home; the waste water flows directly to our waste water tank on the van, so we don't leave a mess in your toilet or sink from dumping the dirty water.

Carpet Cleaning and Beyond

UCM Carpet Cleaning of DC in Maryland is ready to take on your big and small professional cleaning jobs. We offer the full range of UCM Carpet Cleaning of DC professional services.

Choose just the services you need. We will leave your home and office cleaner, brighter and easier to maintain.

Call UCM Carpet Cleaning of DC today for your free estimate.

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