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Gutter Cleaning and Repair

Did you know that if your basement or crawl space is wet, your roof gutters may be to blame?

Gutters collect the gallons and gallons of rainwater that fall on the roof of your house every year, and they are supposed to direct that water away from the building, to reduce water exposure damage to the roof edges, siding, wood structure, and most importantly the foundation.

When gutters are clogged or in disrepair, it can cause real damage. Stop it or even prevent it by keeping your gutters clean and in good shape with professional gutter cleaning and repair experts.

Service You Can Trust

Keep both feet on the ground and leave the ladder work to the professional gutter cleaners at UCM Carpet Cleaning of DC. With just one phone call to our office, you can receive your free estimate, based on the number of floors and the size of your home.

When our team cleans gutters, they carefully remove all debris from the gutters and downspouts, bagging it properly so the ground below stays neat and clean.

But their responsibility doesn't end there. Even clean gutters might not be doing the job right, so our team will make sure that your gutters are firmly attached to the building at the correct angle to drain properly, without leakage at joints. UCM Carpet Cleaning of DC's gutter team is certified to perform all gutter repair and replacement services.

Do Gutter Guards Help?

There are many types of gutter guards and screens available on the market today and some even make the claim that their product eliminates the need for gutter cleaning. The truth is, as long as trees grow near houses in Washington, D.C., gutters will need to be cleaned, if only to remove the small amount of debris that gets past the covers or that is resting on top of them. But it might be a lot less frequently, depending on the amount of debris that falls in the area.

You can contact our office for more information about gutter cleaning and gutter guards. An informed decision is important, so call today 202-683-4270.

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